Current Tenants

Some valuable information that you may need during your tenancy can be found below.

At the beginning of your tenancy, you may need to know about:

Receiving Keys

Once you have been approved, and all necessary move-in tasks have been completed, you will be given a key that you are welcome to make copies of.

If you require a mailbox key, you can go to your local post office and request one. We do not handle or distirbute any postal service keys.

Lock Boxes and Signs

If there is a lock box or a, “For Rent” sign at your home, please leave them where they are. They will be picked up on our next lock box and sign run.

Registering Your Vehicles

It is important for us to know which vehicles belong to which tenants. Therefore, you must ‘register’ your vehicle with us. You can do so by entering your vehicle information under the, “Account Profile,” section of your tenant portal. Or, you can email your vehicle information to:

If a vehicle is at the property that is not in our system, it may be towed. To avoid the hassle and an impound fee, please be sure you provide us with your vehicle information!


How do I submit a maintenance request?

Click here to view our step-by-step-guide of how to submit a maintenance request.

All maintenance requests must be submitted in writing through the tenant portal. We cannot accept requests for maintenance over email or phone. Utilizing our online system ensures requests are tracked and audited for quality assurance purposes.

Who performs the maintenance work?

All of Homestead's maintenance is performed by third party licensed and bonded contractors. Each of our vendors provides quality workmanship, resulting in the highest quality of repairs and greatest level of safety for our tenants.

What can I expect once I submit a maintenance request?

Once your request has been submitted, our maintenance coordinator will review the request, and assess what vendor should do the work. In many scenarios, our property owners need to approve the work before it is done. Once the vendor has been contacted, and the owner has approved the work (if necessary), we will reach out or the vendor will reach out directly to schedule a time with you to complete your requested work.

How long will it take for my maintenance request to be taken care of?

Click here to view our step-by-step guide of how to check the status of your maintenance request.

There are many factors that affect how long it will take for your maintenance to occur. If your request is truly an emergency, for example; a pipe has burst and your home is filling with water, these issues will be fast tracked and handled as soon as possible. If your request is less of an emergency, the time of your request being completed is highly dependent on vendor availability. Many vendors are booked out a few weeks, and they will add you to their schedule at their soonest available time. Please also note that our office is open Monday- Friday. Therefore, maintenance requests submitted over the weekend or late in the day on Friday will likely not be processed until the next business day.

Please note, we cannot provide maintenance updates over the phone. For your protection, we ask that all communications be in writing. Therefore, if you call for an update, you will be instructed to email.

I'm having an after-hours maintenance emergency! What do I do?

Tenants with after hours emergency maintenance issues can call our emergency phone: 971.265.0498

We will then respond to support you as soon as possible.

Questions During Tenancy

If you have any questions during your tenancy that are not answered here, please reach out to us at:

For your protection, and for clarity and liability purposes- we aren’t able to answer questions over the phone. You will always be asked to email your questions. 

Writing, Writing, Writing...


The reason is simple- it's for your protection.

You will always be asked to email your questions for clarity and liability purposes.