Becoming a tenant

The Application Process

The application process goes quickly, so please read through the information below and have relevant documents ready so everything moves along smoothly.

Viewing your new home is mandatory! We do not accept applications if you have not viewed the unit. If you apply for a unit prior to viewing, your application will be cancelled and you will not receive a refund!


Prepare your documents that have your net income

Be prepared! Please have the requested documentation available upon application. For example, the process will go much quicker if you provide three months of pays stubs at the beginning of the application. Screen shots without dates and names will not qualify. All proof of income needs to include the name of the payee and dates.

Alert: Please be aware!

Homestead rentals are shown only when fully ready. Therefore we require that occupancy take place within 7 days of application approval. This often will mean a few weeks of “cross over” with your current unit and your 30 day notice to vacate. Please make sure this timeline requirement is feasible with your plans, as it is not negotiable. You do not have to fully occupy the unit in 7 days, but rent will commence.

View our Current Listings

Check out our current listings to see what is available and check back often. We only display listings that are active, meaning we won’t show you listings that are expected to be open in the future, only locations that are open in this moment.


Schedule a time to view a space

Once you find a listing that meets your needs, email to schedule a time to view the vacant property, or come by our office located at 297 N. Pacific Ave. Monmouth between 9am and 4:00pm Monday-Friday. Showings are not available later than 4 o’clock at this time.

You must schedule a time to view the space before you fill out an application.


Did you like the space?

If you liked the property you viewed and would like to apply; request an application link from our office, or at 

​Incomplete applications can delay the application process and may be cancelled.

Fill out an application

After you have viewed the location and decided you want to proceed, a member of the Homestead Team will send you a link to the application. Please note that applications are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis, so the sooner you turn in your completed application, the better chance you have.

Incomplete applications can delay the application process and may be cancelled.

Will you be sharing a space? Or do you need a co-signer?

All applicants and co-signers MUST apply within 24 hrs of our receipt of first application. Failure of all applicants and co-signers to complete their application within the 24 hrs. will result in a cancellation of the existing applications. No refund will be issued.

Pay the Non-Refundable application fee

Screening entails verification that each individual application meets our requirements as listed in our screening criteria.

Pets/ Animals/ ESAs

All animals, pets, ESA, service, are required to go through You will be sent a link by Homestead, and must use the Homestead specific link. When prompted, start this process immediately and have all of your animals documentation readily available, it is advisable to get vaccination records, ESA/service letter, etc. complied prior to application.


Once you've been approved:

You will be required to sign an “Agreement to Execute Rental Application” & submit half of your security deposit within 24hrs. A rental agreement or lease is required to be signed and executed no later than (7) days from approval date. At the time of the signing you will agree to abide by all rules and regulations of the rental dwelling and pay any remaining monies and pro-rated rent. 7 days after an application is approved you will be responsible to begin paying rent even if you do not take physical possession of the dwelling unit.

Set up your utilities

Contact your local providers to start utilities in your name.

Get Renter's Insurance

Renter’s insurance is required and all persons over the age of 18 must be named on the policy. You can obtain renter’s insrurance through your portal, which is no affiliation to Homestead property Management, or you can obtain renter’s insurance independently. The declaration page will be required and can be uploaded into your portal.

Pay Move-in Deposits and Fees

You need to be preapred to pay your security deposit and prorated rent.

All deposits and fees can be paid online.

For online payments, Appfolio charges the following fees:

  • Credit card: 3.49% of the total transaction
  • Debit card: $9.99 per transaction
  • eCheck: $2.49 per transaction

We also accept checks and money orders via mail, or delivered to us at our office.

Welcome to Homestead!

Congratulations, all of your hard work has paid off and you get your keys!  You will also be given more information on how to be a happy, successful tenant with Homestead!

Writing, Writing, Writing...


The reason is simple- it's for your protection.

You will always be asked to email your questions for clarity and liability purposes.

Tips for a Successful Application

A little time spent on the front end will save a lot of time and stress! Be prepared!

View the Rental

Viewing the rental is required, application links are sent only to those who have viewed the property. The condition that you view the property in is the condition you will be given the property. Our homes are rent ready upon viewing.

Provide 3 months of pay stubs for all financially responsible applicants

 Please submit three months of paystubs with your initial application.

What are we looking for financially

We need to know that you can pay the rent on a monthly basis without putting yourself in a financial hardship; we do this because we feel better knowing you will not only be able to pay your rent, but also all the other expenses that come along in a month such as utilities, food, and most importantly- cleaning supplies! 

So I bet you’re asking yourself, “how do we determine this magic number?”

A qualifying net income is 2.5 times the monthly rent.

And we ensure you meet that magic number by finding your average net income. So we take those three pay stubs you provided, add them up, then divide them by three, and BAM we have your qualifying income. It’s that easy!

Here’s and Example:

NET INCOME REQUIRED TO QUALIFY: $1000 x 2.5 = $2,500


How we know you’ll be able to consistently pay rent:

Once we determine you make enough money to afford the rent, we need to know you have the ability to consistently pay the rent moving forward.

For this, we need to see a minimum of 1 year of employment with your current employer. If you have worked less than 1 year for your current employer, your security deposit will be increased by ½. This applies to all occupants who will be financially responsible.

Important Tip: Screen Shots of pay stubs will not work! Please do not submit them.

Although in today’s world everything is done on the phone, it actually does not suffice for all needs! We need to see a PDF upload of your pay stubs. They must have a date, your name and employers contact. They must be legible. Yes, you can take a photo of a full paystub and submit it as a jpeg, but it must be legible.


Uploading only three pay stubs. We require 3 MONTHS of paystubs, traditionally that would likely consist of the last 6 pay stubs, if you are paid bi-monthly. (Proof of income is explained in more detail in the fine print, there are many different forms of income and exceptions and/or requirements)

Once we are able to confirm you are financially capable of paying the monthly rent and have the ability to do so moving forward, we will move forward with processing your application.

Make sure ALL Applicants apply at the same time

Are you applying alone or with roommates? All potential tenants 18 years or older will be required to fill out an application. All applications must be filled out within 24 hours of receipt of the first application. We process applications on a first come first serve basis. A complete application is required to hold a position. If all applicants have not applied within 24 hours, the application on file will be canceled. If you need a co-signer, please have them fill out an application at the same time. You can share the application link you were sent from Homestead, until it expires.

Arrange a Co-Signer Beforehand

If you do not meet all the requirements, a co-signer may be a good option. The three main reasons a co-signer would be required:

  • You do not make enough income
  • Your length of employment is less than 1 year
  • You have a negative credit rating

Co-signers are required to complete a full application.


Have Funds Ready and Available

All funds are due and payable, in full, upon move in. There are no exceptions. Please be prepared financially beforehand.

If you are receiving HUD or non-profit funds, please see “assisted rent” section. 

Be Aware of Deadlines

If during the application process you are given a deadline, please meet it. They are non-negotiable, the process must proceed in a timely manner. Deadlines that are not met may result in a cancelled application.

Selection and Screening Criteria

Resident Selection and Screening Criteria

Credit Requirements:

Good credit is required.

If you have derogatory credit you may be required to put up an additional security deposit or it can be terms for denial.

  1. Outstanding bad debt (i.e. Slow Pay, Collection, Bankruptcies, Repossessions, Liens, Judgments and Wage Garnishments) reports by the credit bureau may require an additional security deposit equal to a full month's rent or more.
  2. Outstanding bad debt reported by the credit bureau will result in denial. (See Exceptions below.)
  3. Exceptions: Exceptions may be considered when the debt is a verifiable medical expense, or the debt is a previous bankruptcy dated one year prior to the date of the application and no additional negative information has been reported since bankruptcy. In case of the exception, a double full security deposit will be required.

Rental History Requirements

  1. One-year verifiable rental history and reference from a third party landlord is required. Roommates, family members and/or subletting parties do not qualify as third party landlords.
  2. Students who are not financially independent who are requiring financial assistance from a parent/guardian and/or have no rental history will be required to submit a parent/guardian co-signer application.
  3. A co-signer may be required when the rental history does not meet the stated third-party landlord rental criteria, but residency can be verified with parents, student housing or military housing.
  4. Five years of eviction free rental history will be required.
  5. Rental history reflecting past due rent will be denied. An exception may be made if the previous debt has been settled and the third-party landlord would re-rent, in which case an additional security deposit equal to a full month's rent will be required.
  6. Two or more NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) checks within a period of one year will result in a denial.
  7. Three or more Non-Payment of Rent Notices (72 Hour Notices) within one year will result in denial.
  8. Rental history demonstrating documented noise or otherwise disturbance complaints causing the third-party landlord not to re-rent will result in denial.
  9. Rental history reflecting any money owing will result in denial.
  10. Rental history reflecting damages as long as the debt has been settled could require an additional security deposit.
  11. Home ownership will be verified through the county tax assessor's office. Mortgage payments must be current to reflect positive rental history. Homes ownership negotiated through a land sales contract must be verified through the contract holder.
  12. Renter's Insurance is required upon approval. You will be required to provide proof of insurance the day you move in. (Exception to HUD program applicants)

General Requirements:

  1. Positive picture identification and verifiable social security number will be required. If you do not have a social security number or are unable to provide a verifiable rental history, an additional $2,500.00 deposit will be assessed.
  2. A complete and accurate application listing a current and at least one previous rental reference with phone numbers will be required. Incomplete applications may be returned to the applicant.
  3. Each application will be required to meet the Resident Screening and Selection Criteria individually.
  4. Applicant(s) must be able to enter into a legal and binding contract.
  5. Inaccurate, illegible, incomplete or falsified information will be grounds for denial of the application or termination of rental agreement upon discovery and deposit will NOT be refunded.
  6. Any applicant found to be currently using illegal drugs will be denied. If approved for tenancy and later illegal drug use is confirmed, termination of tenancy will result and deposit will NOT be refunded.
  7. Any individual who may constitute a direct threat to health and/or safety of an individual, the complex or property of others, will be denied.
  8. An active email address and ability to apply digitally is required.

Income Requirements

  1. Applicant(s) monthly net income should be at least two and a half (2.5) times the stated monthly rent.
  2. Three (3) separate months of income on current paycheck stubs will be required. If you have worked for less than 1 year at your current job an additional security deposit or co-signer may be required.
  3. Self-Employed applicant(s) will be required to show proof of income through copies of the previous year's tax returns.
  4. A source of verifiable income will be required for every applicant. Your application will be denied if your source of income cannot be verified.
  5. Verifiable additional income may include: Alimony/Child Support, Welfare, Trust Accounts, Grants/Loans, Social Security Benefits, TANF/SNAP, Bank Account Funds, Unemployment
    If you have additional sources of income listed on your application, Homestead Property Management LLC will require you to present written official verification of this income through:
  • Letter from AFS regarding benefits
    Official Documentation of Social Security Benefits
  • Housing Voucher
  • Self-employment copy of previous year’s tax return
  • Court Documents stating alimony/Child Support Amounts

Criminal Convictions

Upon receipt of the rental applications and screening charge, landlords may conduct a search of public records to determine whether the applicant or any proposed tenant has any criminal convictions. A conviction or convictions for any felony or misdemeanor involving theft, dishonesty, assault, intimidation, prostitution, illegal drug activity, weapons, obscenity, sex crimes and or child sex crimes and related violations shall be grounds for denial of the rental application.


Occupancy Policy:

Occupancy is based on the number of bedrooms in a dwelling. A bedroom is defined as a space within the premises that is used primarily for sleeping, with at least one window and a closet space for clothing.

Two persons are allowed per bedroom.

Modifications for Disabled Accessibility

Homestead Property Management LLC allows the existing premises to be modified at the full expense of the applicant/resident, if they agree to restore the premises to the pre-modified condition. An amount equal to the estimated cost of restoring the dwelling will be required prior to any remodeling taking place in/on dwelling. The monies will be placed in an escrow account.

We Require:

  1. The applicant to obtain the written approval of the landlord before making modifications.
  2. Reasonable assurance (in writing) that the work will be performed in a workmanlike manner.
  3. Reasonable details regarding the extent of the work to be done.
  4. Names of licensed and bonded contractors to be used.
  5. Appropriate building permits/required licenses made available to landlord for review.

Rejection Policy

If your application is rejected due to negative and adverse information being reported, you may:

  1. Contact the company that supplied the information to discuss your application
  2. Contact the credit reporting agency to identify who is reporting unfavorable information
  3. Correct any incorrect information through the credit reporting agent as per their policy
  4. Request the credit reporting agency to submit a corrected credit check to the appropriate screening company
  5. Cure the cause for the rejection.
  6. Upon receipt of the corrected information/cure, your application will be reevaluated for the next available unit, further application fees will apply.

Be advised, according to our general requirements:

  • Incomplete, inaccurate or falsified information will be grounds for denial
  • Any applicant currently using illegal drugs shall be denied tenancy
  • Any individual who may constitute a direct threat to the health and safety of an individual, or whose tenancy may pose a threat to the complex, or the property of others, will be denied.

Failure to meet any of the criteria may result in an denial, increased security deposit and/or a co-signer.

If your application has been denied and you feel that you qualify as a resident under the criteria set out above you should do the following:
Write to:
Equal Housing Opportunity Manager
Homestead Property Management
P.O. Box 159
Monmouth, OR 97361

In the letter explain the reasons you believe your application should be approved request a review of your file. Within seven (7) working days of receipt of your letter, your application file will be reviewed, and you will be notified of the outcome of the review.

Animal Policy

  1. All animals, including service animals (assistance animal, therapy animal, service animal and companion animal), must be registered and approved by and Homestead Property Management LLC prior to being allowed on the premises. Failure to get prior approval is a breech of the rental agreement and could be grounds for termination.
  2. There will be a $500 additional security deposit per animal when applicable.
  3. Pet rent may be required.

If you have questions, please visit: or call the Fair Housing Hotline at 800-424-3247

The above timelines and policies are applicable to all applicants. Timelines and policies are non-negotiable.

Please keep in mind, Homestead’s policy is to have everything in writing. This is for the protection of all involved, including you! Please respond to requests via the format they were requested, in writing.

This is for your protection as well as ours. Written instructions and or correspondence is easy to track and reference back to and indisputable, eliminating misunderstandings and misinformation.